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Eclipse pics [Feb. 22nd, 2008|08:20 pm]
Check em out!!

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It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. [Jan. 26th, 2008|05:03 pm]
That's not true. I do care, but I am incredibly lazy when it comes to updating this journal. Sorry for the long time in between journal posts. It turns out that it's incredibly difficult to keep up with emails and livejournal now that I am no longer in school. I spent 2 hours today catching up on correspondence that I've let slide.

What have I been up to since my last post on December 12th? I went to AZ for Christmas. It's always nice to go home, but this trip was exceptionally busy. A lot of the people that I don't normally see at Christmas (Jenn, Nicole, Aleta) happened to be in town this year so it was incredibly rushed trying to fit it all in. But I am really glad that I got to see almost everyone. I did miss Shelli, so hopefully I will be able to catch up with her at some point.

I'm back at work full time now, and enjoying it tremendously. I had my end of year feedback session with my boss who said he got "goosebumps" just thinking about the great things I was going to do this year based on my 2.5 months of part time work this summer. It was nice to hear that, because sometimes I feel like no one really knows what I am doing. I started in this new organization, and basically had no guidance about what my job was supposed to be. It was really nice, actually, because I got to pave my own way and make a lot of my own decisions which normally are left to people higher up the chain. I felt like I really made a difference in the 10 weeks that I got to work in my new office before leaving for school. I am excited and motivated, and things are good.

I'm still playing volleyball, we moved up to the 2nd most competitive league in co-ed. I play with Jeff in this league, and it is really fun. Man, I love that guy. Love love love him. We have such a good time together. And he is incredibly tolerant of my lousy setting abilities. ;-) I'm excited to be playing on my women's team after a season hiatus due to my class schedule.

I'm still running, I signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race in D.C. in early April. It's kind of weird to say this, but 10 miles sort of sounds short to me now! I've decided to do weight-training in addition to my running to try to build up some muscles. My upper body is pathetically weak. So, instead of spending all of my time running, I split my gym workouts between running and weightlifting. At least, I did this past week :) Since I'm running shorter distances I increased the incline to 1.0% and increased my pace to 6.5 mph, or a 9:13 mile. I've been doing 3-4 miles of this, and plan to increase my speed and incline as this routine becomes easier. I haven't lifted weights in about a year, so I was pretty much sucky at everything except for the hamstring machine. I was able to do 30-40 more pounds on that machine than I used to be able to do, which was really neat! This is obviously due to my running over the past year and a half.

Things are good. A couple things have gotten on my nerves lately, but I'll save that for another time.

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Hail to the chief, he's the one we all say hail to [Dec. 12th, 2007|03:41 pm]
WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I just finished my last final. I am DONE with school. DONE! FINISHED! And I don't ever have to go back :) I'm definitely not interested in getting a PhD, and if I ever take classes again it will be the non-graded kind. Of course, I won't really be able to relax until I find out my grades, but it does feel nice to not have any homework or exams lingering over my head.

I've decided to retire the lyric contest for the time being. I have declared karthequian the winner, and he won a $10 gift card to iTunes. Don't despair, the fun and games continue. I've now decided to do the same type of thing, but with movie quotes. So, if you can identify the movie and character who said the line in the subject, you win a point (and extra love if you describe the scene in which it occurred)! If you have the most points when I declare the contest over, you win a fabulous prize!
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Starting from zero got nothing to lose [Nov. 13th, 2007|03:44 pm]
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They call you lady luck [Nov. 6th, 2007|10:03 am]
I've decided to take a page out of Violent Acres' book and "comment nicely" about someone else's blog (heh). My latest obsession with running has led me to read various running blogs. It's comforting reading about other people's struggles, it makes me feel like I'm not alone, especially since I do most of my training by myself. I enjoyed reading the blog of David H., he lives in Virginia and has gone through a lot of the same things I have.

He is running his first marathon this weekend, and something he wrote in his blog recently really rubbed me the wrong way: "AND PLEASE!!!! -- do not wish me luck. As nice as it sounds, it's not what I want to hear anymore. After these past few months, it's not luck that'll carry me through to the finish line." He posted this on Oct. 31st, and talks about luck again on Nov. 3rd.

Excuse me???? You write a RUNNING BLOG. Anyone who reads your blog KNOWS that it is not luck that will carry you to the finish. They have faithfully read your boring stories about running in the rain, cutting long runs short, injuries, taper weeks, exhilaration, defeat, blood, sweat, and tears. You do not need to remind them that luck itself plays a small part in being able to finish. Some things are not meant to be taken literally. When someone wishes you luck before a race, they are not saying, "You are going to need luck to finish." They are saying, "I have been with you through all of the training, the injuries, the easy times, the hard times. I know what you have been going through because I have been reading your blog every day. I know you have worked hard for this, and I wish you the best." It's an expression. It's kind and supportive.

My half marathon is this Sunday. PLEASE wish me luck. It lets me know you care. I will know that you mean it in the nicest way possible. I will know that you understand all of the time and energy I have put into getting myself into condition to be able to run 13.1 miles. I will know that you don't actually think I need luck to finish because you have been there, reading about my trials and tribulations the whole time. I will not imply that you cannot possibly understand what I've gone through, because I know you do. Thank you for being there and for being supportive. Good luck to me!!

(I think it would be funny if people went to his site and posted a comment wishing him luck. I know, I'm a mean person. )

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I like your style crazy pound pup [Nov. 2nd, 2007|12:18 pm]
There is this crazy dog in our neighborhood. Every time we drive by him he either spins around in circles or ferociously pulls back on his leash. He's a staple of the neighborhood, and it makes me excited when I see him. Whenever Jeff and I drive by him together, the first one to notice him will shout "Crazy Dog!!" If I'm driving alone, I'll still shout "Crazy Dog!!" Maybe his spinning in circles is his way of saying, "Crazy Human!!"

The results from my 5K were posted. I came in 223/4243 and 10th in my gender/age group (women between 25 and 29). Yeah!!!!! :) My half marathon is a week from Sunday, looking forward to it!

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I forgot to tell you I love you [Oct. 25th, 2007|10:23 pm]
Random list of things I love:

1. My husband. He's the best. He puts up with me when I'm cranky and he takes care of me.
2. Doing something I previously thought I couldn't
3. Fall, with its smells and the changing colors of the leaves...beautiful
4. Pumpkin Carving
5. Surprise phone calls or letters from friends. Friends are the best.
6. Singing along with the Wicked soundtrack
7. Driving our convertible with the top down when it's sunny and cool (preferably with the Wicked soundtrack playing)
8. Lebanese Taverna Cafe in Annapolis
9. Making a perfect volleyball set and watching as one of our strong hitters annihilates the ball into the opponent's court
10. Curling up on the couch with Jeff with the fire blaring, watching Grey's Anatomy

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I'm just a little weak on my feet [Oct. 18th, 2007|04:36 pm]
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The pleasure was worth all the pain [Oct. 9th, 2007|11:02 pm]
I had a really neat experience on Monday. I went on a 10 mile run with my good friend Ryan, and it was really hard. I had absolutely no trouble with last week's 9 miler, but this week's long run was a lot harder for some reason. Sometimes we do a "strong finish", where you run faster for the last half to 3 quarters of a mile. At 9.25 I was just not up for it, but I told Ryan to go ahead. When I got to around 9.65, I heard footsteps behind me. This random guy came up behind me and said, "C'mon, strong finish!" It was nice to get the encouragement, so I quickened my pace to keep up with him. It felt fast, but he helped me through it, saying encouraging things and such. We gave each other high-5's at the end. He is training for the marine core marathon and was doing his 20 mile run. I felt like a slacker! ;-) I like nice and friendly people, so that was awesome, it gave me a nice boost at the end.

I am running the "Race for the Cure" 5K this Sunday. I am looking forward to it, even though the course is hilly. I hope I can beat last year's time. I really should be able to, I feel like I've improved a lot as a runner over the last year, but I haven't really been training for speed lately so we'll see. Someone recently asked me why I run in this particular race (there are lots of causes out there after all). My instinctual response was, "I run in memory of loved ones who have died from breast cancer and in honor of those who have survived." But when I thought about it a little bit more, I realized that there is another reason. Both my mom and her sister have had pre-cancerous lumps removed from their breasts. Someday one of them might need there to be a cure. Someday someone I am close to might need there to be a cure. Someday *I* might need there to be a cure.

If you are interested in sponsoring me in the race, you can make a donation on my race webpage at:

No donation is too small, and all are appreciated.

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Faster than the speeding light she's flying [Sep. 26th, 2007|01:52 pm]
Hello, hello. I know I've been uncharacteristically quiet these days. Somehow I thought I would have *more* time because I'm not working and going to school full time, but that hasn't turned out to be the case. I've just been busy with school, sports, and travels and haven't made time to post to my live journal. I've been kind of stressed out--I'm sure you all know how it goes. Whenever your in school, you can't really enjoy the other fun activities in your life because you feel guilty for ignoring school to do them. Blah. I will be done in December, can't wait!

I signed up for two new races, my first races since the half marathon in March. I am running the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, a 5K that is in support of breast cancer research. I know several women who have lived and died with this disease, this cause is very important to me. If you would like to donate to support me in this race, you can visit my race webpage at:


All donations are tax deductible. Thanks in advance! :)

I also signed up for another half marathon in November! It'll be on 11/11 at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I'd like to invite everyone to come out and cheer for me! A couple of people that I work with are going to be there as well, and we are going to have a post-race indulgence dinner party. It's going to be a great time! Let me know if you're interested in going and I will fill you in on the details.

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